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Madrigal Feast at Langham Creek 12-16-2017
Tompkins High School Choir 12-8-2017
Region 19 JH Choir 12-2-2017
Fort Bend Boys Choir 12-2-2017
Tompkins High School Show Choir 12-1-2017
Region 17 HS Choir Concert 11-11-2017
Dawson Cabaret 2017
Region 27 HS Choir 11/4/2017
Seven Lakes High School Choir 11-03-2017
Berry Miller Junior High Choir Fall Concert 10-16-2017
Cook MS Choir Pop Show 5-19-2017
Seven Lakes JH Pop 05-19-2017
Hamilton Choir Pop 5-18-2017
Berry Miller Junior High Pop 05-18-2017
Briscoe/Wertheimer Choir Pop 05-18-2017
Spring Branch Girls Choir Spring Concert 5-16-2017
Tompkins High School Pop Show 5-16-2017
Spring HS Pop Shows 2017
Fort Bend Boys Choir 05-13-2017
LCISD Honor Choir 05-13-2017
Langham Creek Pop Show 05-13-2017
Cy Woods Choir Pop Show 05-12-2017
Region 27 Junior High School Choir 04-29-2017
Region 23 Junior High School Choir 04-22-2017
Spring Branch Girls Choir PIZZA Theater 3-24-2017
Hamilton 6th grade choir 02-17-2017
Tompkins High School Masterworks
Hamilton Choir December 2016
Alief ISD Elementary Honor Choir Concert 01-04-2017
TPSMEA All-State Concert 01/28/2017
Cy- Ranch HS Choir Popshow 01-27-2017
High School Choir Masterworks Concert 01-14-2017
TPSMEA Reg Choir at St. Agnes Academy 01-14-2017
Madrigal Feast at Langham Creek HS 12-11-2016
Berry Miller JH Choir Winter Concert 12-13-2016
Cypress Ranch High School Choir 12-05-2016
Spring Branch Girls and Boys Winter Concert 12-05-2016
Region 19 JH Choir Concert at Deer Park HS 12-03-2016
Region 33 JH Choir Concert at CE King HS 12-03-2016
Fort Bend Boys Choir at First United Methodist Church 12-03-2016
Tompkins HS Show Choir 11-18-2016
Region 17 JH Choir Concert at University Baptist Church 11-12-20
Dawson HS Choir Pop 11-5-16
Region 27 HS Choir Concert at Tallowood 11-5-2016
TPSMEA Children's and Middle School Choir Concert 11-5-2016
Region 17 JH Choir Concert 10-29-2016
Hamilton Choir Fall Concert 10-17-2016
Berry Miller JH Choir Fall Concert 10-17-2016
Seven Lakes HS Chorale CD April 26, 2016
Berry Miller Junior High Choir Pop Show 5-25-16
Tompkins High School Choir Popshow 05-20-2016
Seven Lake Junior High Pop Show 5-20-2016
Fort Bend Boys Choir 5-14-16
CyWoods Choir POP show 5-14-2016
Region 27 MS choir 5-14-2016
Dekaney HS Pop Show 5-12-2016
Spring HS Pop Show 2016
Spring Branch Girls Choir Spring Concert 05-03-2016
Spring Branch Girls' Choir "Pizza Theatre" 03-10-2016
LCISD Elementary Honor Choir 03-05-2016
Seven Lakes HS Masterworks Concert 02-06-2016
Alief ISD Elementary Honor Choir 02-06-2016
Cy-Ranch Pop Show DVD 2016
TPSMEA All-STATE Concert 2016 All 4 Performances
Region 17 JH Choir Concert at Blocker Middle School 1-23-2016

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